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 Parish Code of Conduct

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Admin/Senior Operator

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PostSubject: Parish Code of Conduct   Sat Jan 26, 2008 2:57 pm

All Parish Operators are expected to demonstrate the following qualities at all times

*Maturity - All operators as expected to behave in a manner that does not bring unwanted attention to themselves, their team, or

*Responsibility - All operators must demonstrate the ability to take responsibility for their actions, show trustworthiness, and
make it to as much team meetings as possible, or otherwise informing a senior operator if they cannot attend.

*Integrity - All operators are expected to do the right thing in the face of injustice, on or off the field. Peer pressure shall not be a
threat to the operator. If any Operator is informed that you participate in underage or illegal activities (smoking,
stealing, drinking, etc) He or she will notify a Senior Operator immediately, and a course of action will be decided
upon. If an Operator has knowledge of your unjust activities, but does not report it to a Senior Operator, that
Operator will also face penalties.

*Sportsmanship - All operators are expected to show some common courtesy. Please don't make fun of the other teams/players.
Just don't. Don't make enemies. These are people who enjoy the same sport as you, and Airsoft is a tradition
where people get together and have fun, as if they were buddies. Don't change that.

*Respect - Respect thy fellow operators and airsoft players.

*Common Sense - Don't be stupid. If you think its wrong, don't do it. Ask a Senior Officer. And if you ARE the Senior Officer, then
just don't.

And finally, no code of conduct would be complete without this overused cliche: Have fun!!!!

Parish One Zero
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Parish Code of Conduct
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