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 Murphys Laws of Airsoft lol found this on NJAA forums

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PostSubject: Murphys Laws of Airsoft lol found this on NJAA forums   Mon May 11, 2009 11:03 pm

Murphy's Laws of Airsoft

Your enemy can see your BB's too.
Your enemies hicaps are just as big as yours.
The guy who spends the most money on his gun won't win every game.
The guy with the springer will get picked on mercilessly.
Your battery will fail just when you've decided to rush the enemy position.
Your hicap will unwind (telling everyone around you that you're empty) right when you need ammo the most.
That guy you just got an easy kill on was on your side.
It always seems like the other side is cheating.
The pistol that's performed reliably at home for months will jam when you draw it in the field.
Your scope lens will not only draw fire, but is a remarkably ineffective BB shield.
The bad guys are coming up on the side that "they couldn't possibly" be coming from.
Your new "unbreakable" upgraded gun will break within an hour come skirmish time.
Just when you've got an open shot, your mag will run dry.
Your friends will be watching when you pull the most boneheaded move of the day, but not when you make the greatest move ever.
The guy with the Rambo complex will die early, and often.
The guy who dies the most isn't the guy who has the least amount of fun.
Good camo is priceless.
No matter how much gun safety is talked about, some idiot will sweep everyone or shoot in the staging area.
Your goggles will fog just when you think you see bad guys coming your way.
You'll never have smoke when you really need it.
That guy you snickered at with the MP5K before the game will shoot you. Twice.
That guy who "couldn't hit me from that far out" will.
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Murphys Laws of Airsoft lol found this on NJAA forums
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