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 Parish General Theory of Relativity

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PostSubject: Parish General Theory of Relativity   Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:41 pm

Quote :
The Parish General Theory of Relativity hereby states

"Any given party, be it a person, group or organization that is able to be justifiably compared to one "William Cosentino", any inherently affiliated activity or associate, be it a co-worker, friend or family member of the above party, as well as being of sound nature to be justifiably compared to the "CFCs" or alternatively, "The Cannon Fodder Crew", any inherently affiliated activity or associates of such party, is therefore inferior and forfeits the constitutional right to be regarded in such a manner that is not condescending, dismissive, respectful, honorable, or otherwise be "taken seriously." All associates of one "Parish Support & Observations Group" or alternatively "PSOG" or "Parish" shall hereby forbid dealings with any party found to fit the criteria of the above conditions."

Example: The EBPD. I present you Exhibit A:

As you can see from the website, everything is in capital letters. The EBPD is simply taking themselves way too seriously. This website shows a striking and undeniable mutual likeness to an affiliated activity of William Cosentino: his so called "website."

I present you Exhibit B:

It is clearly evidenced that both sites have a striking and undeniable mutual likeness. The capitalization of nearly everything on subjects that are inherently "bullshit."

The EBPD's nature of taking itself too seriously can also be compared to the CFCs.

I present you Exhibit C:

As you can see, Exhibit A shares a mutual likeness with Exhibit C through the quality, or lack thereof of the subject matter as well as the site structure itself. The subject material is also complete "bullshit."

I present you with Exhibit D:

The subject matter under each member is also complete "bullshit", as evidenced below:

"we sneak up on enemys with out being seen or sensed our cover is
never blown our superior tactics ensure our victory and ensure the
completion of our mission" (Source:

"I am the site creator and am the LMGer/rambo person on the team" (Source:

And finally, I present you Exhibit E:

As you can see upon inspecting Exhibit E, Exhibit E shares the mutual "bullshit" of Exhibit A, B, C, and D.

In conclusion, EBPD was successfully compared to William Cosentino as well as the CFCs. Therefore, the EBPD is inferior and has forfeited the right to be taken seriously.

In simple terms, this states that if anyone or any group can be compared to BOTH Will and the CFCs, it is inferior and should not be taken seriously.

NOTE: the above example is just that, an example only. ALL law enforcement agencies should be obeyed and respected at all times.

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Parish General Theory of Relativity
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